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W związku ze zmianą lokalizacji siedziby Klubu Przyrodników w najbliższym czasie mogą występować opóźnienia w wysyłkach zamówień.

Przepraszamy za chwilowe niedogodności i prosimy o wyrozumiałość.


obsługa Sklepu KP.

A guidebook on good practices of alkaline fens conservation..
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Published within LIFE project on alkaline fens conservation: LIFE11 NAT/PL/423 oraz LIFE13 NAT/PL/023.
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"Alkaline fens in many ways stand out from the wetland ecosystems of Poland. The abundance of species found here, including rare, protected, and endangered species, are a delight not only for beginning botanists but also experienced florists. The hydroecological composition of alkaline fens is a challenge for every inquisitive naturalist who undertakes to protect them. Unfortunately, what distinguishes these valuable ecosystems is the dramatic rate of their disappearance. In the past, they were drained on a large scale and then abandoned. Now, further drained - often with ditches that serve no purpose whatsoever - they degrade and become overgrown with forest. Once destroyed, they cannot be recreated. Alkaline fens have long been of particular interest to us, not only as research sites but also as a subject of protection. In this publication, we attempt to pass on our  experience and knowledge gained over the past twenty years. We hope that it will serve all those involved in protecting alkaline fens to act more effectively."
Introduction by Robert Stańko